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Resting pourposes    

Design services
  • Preliminary Final And Executive Design
  • structural analysis
  • Surveys and Tracings
  • Project Financing
  • Technical-Economic Studies
  • Traffic Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Territorial Planning
  • quality control
  • Construction management
  • Security Plans
  • mineral and thermal water
  • exploration geophysical surveys
  • geotechnical and geognostic investigations
Environmental Services
  • environmental impact study
  • environmental monitoring.
RE.S.T.ING was founded in July 2011, with the will, by the companies involved, to offer integrated products, complete, with high quality and creativity to the international market. The network contract between the Society of Engineering  Tuscan links some highly qualified professionals reality, each of which has developed its own niche of intervention, and merge the individual companies into a single specialized subject. The companies share the exercise of their activities in the attainment and execution of engineering and technical services coordinating the arrangements for access to new markets, by promoting participation in contests organized by foreign countries, introduction of new business opportunities or stabilization of relations already in place. This target will be achieved through mutual cooperation for the study, design, construction of civil engineering works. The project  that RE.S.T.ING promotes is particularly ambitious and important for the Italian engineering company, especially for those of Tuscany. The strength of RE.S.T.ING is that for the first time has started a business combination between reality far from each other, bringing them all together under common objectives.


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