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  Civil   Infrastructure  
  Outlet Center Mc Arthur Glen/B.M.G. Barberino del Mugello   E78 Grossteto-Fano  
  Outlet Center Mc Arthur Glen/Castelromano (RM)   Airport of Forlì  
  Museum of the bicycle - Gino Bartali (FI)   Airport of Parma  
  New Hospital of Versilia  (LU)   Maintenance A1 motorway viaduct Riovoglio  
  Cisanello Hospital of Pisa - Department of Infectious   Upgrading of S.S. n° 445  
      Railway station in Rome Pigneto  
  Industrial   Station of Pozzuoli  
  Municipality of Lecce- Coop Estense    
  Tourist accommodation building "val di luce"      
  Winery of the Marquis Antinori – Cortona (Arezzo)